New Book: Making "Good of the Order" the BEST Part of Your Meetings

Our first EMS Leadership Academy book is complete!

What's the book is all about:

In leading well over 100 organizational meetings, I now see how easy it is to go with the flow and do what has always been done to get by. In some cases it may just be treading water to survive as an organization or survive the membership and the many opposing personalities that come with it. One opportunity that is rarely leveraged and often overlooked is the “good of the order” section of the meeting.

This book is designed around 12 months worth of short meeting activities with actionable steps and handouts to begin transforming the culture of your EMS organization.

Here's a preview of the Chapters titles:

  1. What are you proud of?
  2. Success Leaves Clues
  3. Letting go of the Past
  4. Getting to Know You
  5. Attitudes are Contagious
  6. Integrity & Accountability
  7. Time to Celebrate
  8. A New Future
  9. Committing to Excellence
  10. Acknowledgement & Appreciation
  11. Positive Impact of Participation
  12. Be the Change

Thank you for your support,

Robbie & Lisa

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